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AUTOMATED. FLEXIBLE. PRECISE. The EnSite Precision™ cardiac mapping system offers next-generation technology that allows for a high level of automation, flexibility and precision to help you diagnose a wide range of arrhythmias.1,2,**

ENSITE PRECISION™ CARDIAC MAPPING SYSTEM  Drs. Gerhard Hindricks and Philipp Sommer of the University of Leipzig Heart Center reflect on their use of the EnSite Precision cardiac mapping system, and discuss key features and benefits while showing the system in action.

TRANSFORM PROCEDURES WITH INTUITIVE AUTOMATION1 Advanced mapping is complex. You need precise information quickly to make sound decisions. The EnSite Precision cardiac mapping system helps you decrease mapping time using intelligent automation tools.1,* The system:
  - Enhances VT mapping with automated, advanced morphology matching capability when using the EnSite™ AutoMap module and TurboMap feature1
  - Lets you automatically reject catheter ectopy
  - Features new timing detection algorithms including Last Deflection
  - Offers two new map types: Fractionation Map and Score Map


EXPAND PROCEDURAL OPTIONS USING SUPERIOR FLEXIBILITY1**  EP procedures are unpredictable. You need options to tailor patient therapy and streamline workflow. The EnSite Precision cardiac mapping system is designed to help you customize your procedures to address the circumstances of each case.
  - Map any chamber with any catheter.***
  - Create faster high-density maps using any catheter.1,***

EFFECTIVELY MANAGE PATIENTS THROUGH GREATER PRECISION2**** Patients are unique. You need precision you can rely on. The EnSite Precision cardiac mapping system uniquely combines impedance and magnetics, so you can enhance model creation.2

  The EnSite Precision cardiac mapping system is built on an open platform, allowing you to choose the diagnostic and ablation catheters which best meet the needs of your patients.
  The EnSite Precision™ cardiac mapping system also allows you to:
  - Choose contact or noncontact mapping
  - Improve model accuracy by reducing the "tenting" effect when creating a model with the ablation catheter, and minimize variation in voltage amplitude during mapping with the EnSite™ contact force module3
  - Achieve fast, real-time contact force measurements using the TactiCath™ Quartz contact force ablation catheter
  - Use EnSite Automap module with OneModel and OneMap in one system, achieving 54% faster, real-time model creation with the OneMap tool — offering precise anatomic modeling4,5

BUILDING COMPREHENSIVE CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIA MANAGEMENT The EnSite Precision™ cardiac mapping system is one of our featured electrophysiology products. We are leading the way with inventive designs that give you the options you need to diagnose, treat and manage arrhythmias with versatility and effectiveness. When it comes to understanding and managing cardiac arrhythmias, we are your partner for life. Read more about our approach to cardiac arrhythmias management.


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