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Marcapasso Cardíaco

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O marcapasso cardíaco é um pequeno aparelho colocado cirurgicamente junto ao coração, para ajudar a monitorar e controlar o ritmo dos batimentos cardíacos nos casos de arritmias, especialmente quando o coração bate de forma muito lenta, evitando que os batimentos fiquem abaixo dos valores normais, que varia entre 60 e 100 batimentos por minuto em repouso.

AngioDynamics is a global provider of industry-leading medical devices used around the world for the treatment of cancer and peripheral vascular disease.

SHAPING THE FUTURE The Endurity™ pacemaker offers exceptional longevity in a small device size and a physiologic physician-preferred shape enabling a smaller incision and pocket size.

Designed for ease of implant, this 10 cc physician-preferred shape1 and size pacemaker can enable a smaller incision and pocket size. 

Easy access to a comprehensive suite of diagnostic data simplifies patient management and saves valuable time during routine, in-clinic, follow-up visits.4

Reduce unnecessary RV pacing with beat-by-beat ventricular support to optimize patient safety and support intrinsic heart rhythm; Ventricular Intrinsic Preference (VIP™) has been shown to reduce RV pacing and heart-failure hospitalization.5
Ensure patient safety while managing changing patient thresholds; verify capture on a beat-by-beat basis, keeping output as low as possible to maximize pacemaker longevity.

The Endurity™ pacemaker is part of our arrhythmia management portfolio. Our vision is to transform the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias by designing cost-effective technologies that improve outcomes. Read more about our approach to cardiac arrhythmia management

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2. Dual-chamber model; A,V = 2,5 V @ 0,4 ms; 600 ohms; 100% DDD pacing @ 60 bpm; AutoCapture™ Pacing System OFF; SEGMs ON (10 years). Single-chamber model; A,V = 2,5 V @ 0,4 ms; 600 ohms; 100% VVI pacing @ 60 bpm; AutoCapture™ Pacing System OFF; SEGMs ON (15 years).
3. Single-chamber model; dual-chamber model warranty is 8 years; terms and conditions apply; refer to the warranty for details.
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